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Backyard pools are going to the dogs

Golden retriever in swimming pool


It’s not that surprising that today’s backyard pools are going to the dogs but a pool built especially for the canine members of the family?

Many dogs are ushering in the dog days of summer in style, playing in their own pool . For many families, a dog swimming and playing in a backyard pool is the norm. But is it safe? Let’s take a look at a few common questions regarding pools and dogs:

1) What is the best type of pool for my dog?
Fiberglass and concrete pools are almost never going to be damaged by dogs and are usually the right choice, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Make sure your dog knows where the steps are to get in and out or build a gradual slope like the one in New Orleans.

2) What is the best type of chemical to use in my pool if my dog likes to swim?
Frankly, there just haven’t been many studies on this question in the pool industry, but for thousands of pool owners, salt chlorine is the chemical of choice. Salt chlorine generators work very well in conjunction with family pets because it produces a low level of natural chlorine, the chemicals aren’t harsh and the salt is easy on the skin.

3) Will a Dog Be Hard on My Filter System?
They say a dog is equivalent to about 50 people in the pool at one time. Although fur is harder on a filter system, by no means is it known to do filters any damage. For example, if you have a cartridge filter on your pool it may mean that you simply have to spray the filter off more often. If you have sand, you may need to backwash more often.

I hope these answers help Santa Barbara dog lovers as they consider sharing, or building a backyard pool, especially for their dogs. If you could see yourself and your beloved pet living in any of the upscale communities of Santa Barbara, I am here to help. Just give me a call at (805) 886-9378 or email me at


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