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Looking Ahead to Post-Pandemic Relocation

WILL SANTA BARBARA HOME SELLERS BENEFIT? According to a new study revealing the trend toward post-pandemic relocation, about a third of U.S. homebuyers are planning to relocate to places like Santa Barbara, as long as they’re allowed to co...

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Do You Have a Revocable Trust?

THE PROS AND CONS FOR SANTA BARBARA HOMEOWNERS Let’s face it, estate planning is not necessarily fun, but it is definitely critical, especially as you get older and acquire more assets. Fun or not, I urge all Santa Barbara homeowners to co...

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The Smart House: More Valuable in Today’s Market?

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR SMART HOMES IN 2021 By now, every homeowner should know about the importance of integrating smart house technology into their abode. After all, it’s technology that can make life easier and add value when the t...

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Housing Market Forecast: Predictions for 2021

HOME SALES, NEW CONSTRUCTION AND HOMEOWNERSHIP TO REACH RECORD HIGHS There’s a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to the 2021 housing market forecast and predictions from the experts. Home sales, new construction and homeownership ar...

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Tips on Buying a Home During the Holidays

6 REASONS WHY IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY A HOME Most people cringe at the thought of buying a home during the holidays. Only the Grinch would want to pack up and move during the holiday season, right? Wrong. Hold on Cindy Lou Who, there are ...

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