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intermediate rock climbing in santa barbara

Indoor Rock Climbing at the Santa Barbara Rock Gym

PERFECT FATHER'S DAY GIFT FOR ACTIVE SANTA BARBARA DADS: A DAY OF ROCK CLIMBING AT SANTA BARBARA'S INDOOR CLIMBING GYM Guys love to climb so what better gift to give Dad on Father’s Day then a Rock Climbing Adventure either at the new indo...

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Moving With Children

Tips for Moving with Children

Guest post by Alexis Hall, author of Moving is an important step in any family’s life. It can be stressful and exciting, filled with hopes and fears. For children, there are risks that come from the instability that moving...

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arguing couple

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Anyone getting divorced needs to consider their real estate assets Disputes over major assets like your home are common among those who are getting divorced. That’s not surprising since a home is one of the largest major assets of any coupl...

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American Flag

Is the American Dream Alive or Dead?

Does the American Dream mean owning a home? What is the American Dream? A recent study showed that 53% of those asked believed owning a home is central to the American Dream while 18% thought it was the most important part. While that dream ...

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Man dropping boxes to show tips for moving

6 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Preparation: the best way to prevent common moving mistakes In my 25+ years in the industry, I’ve seen it all, including common moving mistakes that could have, and should have, been avoided. In previous blogs, I’ve shared tips for green...

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one of the many blue and red domestic robots, holding a vacuum hose and with a canister vacuum

Are Domestic Robots in Your Future? Amazon Hopes So

TESTING HAS ALREADY BEGUN IN HOMES Bloomberg reports that Amazon has been quietly working on a new project that could have big implications: domestic robots. The retail and cloud computing giant embarked on the ambitious, top-secret plan a few...

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