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Planning to Adopt a Dog? 6 Steps to Successfully Integrate a Furry Family Member into Your Home

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When you adopt a dog, you can expect loads of unconditional love along with unwanted hair, dirt, and slobber. Still, the benefits of owning a dog outnumber any of the deficits, as shown in this post from Breed Advisor. As a true dog lover myself, I’m always excited to hear when a friend or client gets a new fur baby. And I’ve put together this list of things to do to prepare for all that comes with a new dog in your family.

  • Protect your floor
    Especially the area under your pet’s food and water bowl. One remedy is simple. Just use a tray you can easily clean under your pet’s bowls. You might also consider having pet-friendly flooring
  • Use a crate
    Believe it or not, dogs love their crates. It’s a space where they can feel safe and secure, plus it makes potty training a breeze. Don’t believe me. Listen to the professionals:

    “Prison or cozy retreat? It all depends on perspective and on how you use the crate,” says Modern Dog Magazine. Dogs have a natural denning instinct: normally preferring safe, enclosed quarters for their naps. “In the wild, a den is a secure place to get some shut-eye without becoming someone else’s meal. If a dog is properly introduced to a crate as a young pup he will view it as a safe refuge from the hustle and bustle of the house (and away from any pesky children!) – a place for peace and quiet and serious snoozing. Most domestic dog owners are surprised to learn that wild dogs spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping!”

  • Set boundaries
    Listen to Cesar: “The big day comes when you pick up the dog. Everybody is excited and happy as you drive home, and you all come bounding up the walk, throw open the front door and let the dog off-leash and inside . . . and you’ve just planted the seed for a lot of future issues. In human terms, you’ve unleashed a juvenile delinquent,” says Cesar Milan. “In order to have a well-balanced dog, we have to teach her the house rules and set boundaries and limitations from the get-go. The message you send your dog the moment she enters your home for the first time is critical because it immediately establishes the ground rules in your dog’s mind. If you just let her run in the door, the message is, ‘Here! Everything is yours, and you can do whatever you want.'”
  • Consistency is Key
    Make sure the whole family is familiar with the dog rules of the house. According to the American Kennel Club: “Dogs are not born understanding English. They are very good at learning words but need to be taught word meanings very clearly and concisely. Spot has no idea that ‘down’ and ‘lie down’ mean the same thing. Or that ‘down’ means something different when it’s hollered at him as he greets you by jumping than it does when you want him to put his body on the floor. Therefore, if Mary says ‘Spot, Come!’ and Tom says ‘Here!’ it really isn’t fair to expect him to understand.”
  • Invest in a good vacuum
    Shedding is a natural phenomenon for dogs, but don’t let it keep you from getting the dog love you deserve. The Bissell Company prides itself on offering products for pet families. In fact, The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser was rated “the most versatile and a very good buy” in Groom + Style. Also, use a microfiber dry mop. It’s the best at picking up hair.
  • Get an Air Purifier
    This is another tool that can be easily used to combat your furry friend’s hair. It’s especially important for those who have a family member who suffers from allergies. According to the folks at GeekWrapped, “The Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A pet odor air purifier features a state-of-the-art BioGS HEPA air filter that offers six stages of purification and deodorization for your home. The room coverage is up to 700 square feet: high enough for several large rooms.”

Follow the 6 steps above when you adopt a dog and you’ll successfully integrate your new furry friend into your home without the mess or chaos. For info about bathing your pet, check out this post from

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