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5 tips to true health and wellness

health and wellness

Image from the Huffington Post

I just read an article about the path to true health and wellness in the Huffington Post that really caught my attention. It began with this sage advice: “Life is not meant to be a struggle.” We’ve all heard those words but how does one live them? Lucky for us, the article also shared 5 tips that you need to embrace on your journey to health:

1) Nourish The Mind
Did you ever consider that nourishing your body and not your mind is actually a fruitless endeavor? Eating healthful, life-affirming foods is a piece of the puzzle but all the kale and quinoa in the world will not support your attitude. Become your own source of unconditional love and let that love radiate. Easier said than done but if you learn to tap into your inner, intuitive voice and feed it with self-nourishment, you’re on your way to true health.
2) Connect To Purpose
Have you uncovered your own reason to wake up in the morning? If not, you may be sleepwalking through your life. If you can surrender to your personal vision for life, you may be able to reconnect to your true purpose. Just ask yourself what motivates you and touches your heart. That will give you an idea of your journey toward a true purpose.
3) Positive Internal Environment
Toxicity cannot live in the environment of good health. As everyone knows, we are the creators of our own thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. So why not rewrite that internal script to include positive thoughts?
4) Express Joy
The article says to actively choose joy. Even when you find yourself in moments of unease and scarcity, choose joy instead.

As you can see from this blog, true health and wellness encompass all of us, not just our physical body. Your environment can also make a huge difference to your health and wellness. As I explained in a previous blog, the Santa Barbara lifestyle is naturally a healthy one. If you are considering buying or selling your home and moving to MontecitoSanta BarbaraHope RanchSummerland or Carpinteria, I’m here to help. Please call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at I would be honored to share all the unique properties that are on the market here.

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