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5 interesting facts about MONEY!!!

woman with moneyDespite today’s decrease in the popularity of paper currency, money continues to make the world go round. Behind the scenes every day, more money is produced and old money is recycled. Face it, we can’t live without the green stuff! I did some digging on the topic and found 5 interesting facts about money:
1) Apple, Inc. earns $300,000 a minute. By the time you read through this blog, Apple will have made another $3 million. That’s a lot of iPhones! Experts say that Apple will continue to make money at this rate for a long, long time.
2) More than 65% of all U.S. money is actually overseas. I find that fact surprising but then again, banks and wealthy individuals do hold money in other countries.
3) We all know that it takes a tremendous amount of time and education to become a doctor or a lawyer but did you know that it takes up to 15 years of training to become a money engraver? The job requires a very specialized set of skills. For instance, money engravers work backwards, using a mirror image of the design that is then cut into plates.
4) Did you know that the largest paper currency ever printed was the $100,000 bill? It was printed in 1934 but never released to the public. Instead, the Federal Reserve used this big bill for in-house transactions only. You can buy a chocolate crispy candy bar by the same name but you can’t use it for anything more than a sugar rush.
a buck5) We’ve all heard of the many slang names for currency. For example, the dollar bill is also known as a buck. The term “buck” comes from the days before paper currency when elk or deer were traded for goods and services. “Buck” showed staying power as a nickname while “Pig” – ten dollar bill, “Bear” – twenty dollar bill and “Lion” – one hundred dollar bill, never really caught on.
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