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3d Printing, a Limitless New Frontier in Home Décor

lace lam=ps that were made with 3d printing

Is 3d printing a limitless new frontier in home décor? The answer to that question is “Yes,” according to a story in the Wall Street Journal, “3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Décor.”

I’ve dedicated many blog posts to the topic of interior design, including the recent “How to embrace your own personal interior design style in your home.” So when I saw this story regarding the 30-year-old technology and how it has gained ground with home-furnishing designers and manufacturers in recent years, it really caught my attention. The relatively quick and inexpensive printing process lets designers create products on-demand, which allows for instant customization and cuts the cost of experimenting with new designs.

According to the story, the reason for the growing popularity of 3d is because printers have become more accessible and versatile. What that means for homeowners is easy access to quirky or refined personalized home décor.
“It’s not only that they love the product,” says chandelier-maker Michael McHale, who uses 3d printers. “They’re enamored of the story.”

Here are some examples:

1), The Brooklyn-based maker of 3d printers Thingiverse, offers more than 700,000 files that can be downloaded free of charge. Homeowners can print everything from a Tyrannosaurus Rex-shape showerhead to a honeycomb-pattern vase.

2) LP Jacques’s “lace lamps,” the 3d printed mashup results in filigreed fixtures, are available in 10 bright colors. Each lamp is made to order by husband-and-wife duo Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques.

3) Milky Weigh is a mobile milk jug monitoring system which provides real-time updates on the status of how much milk you have left, made possible by ChillHub.

4) From Brooklyn-based Michael McHale Designs comes beautiful industrial-chic 3d crystal chandeliers. The gear-shape frames, which are made to look like metal, are actually made of polylactic acid, a cornstarch-based polyester, reinforced with carbon fiber that can withstand the heat of a light bulb.

For more information on the future of this technology, read another Wall Street Journal article, “How 3-D Printing Will Change Our Lives.” If your future includes moving to any of the upscale communities of Santa Barbara, I am here to help. Check out my website for information on amazing properties currently on the market in Montecito and the surrounding communities. Then give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at No 3d printer required!

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