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2020 Interior Design Trends


Montecito home for sale features some of the top 2020 interior design trends -- arched doorways in the living roomWhen it comes to 2020 interior design trends, Montecito homeowners should consider curves, natural materials, cane and built-in seating like you’ve never seen before. Here are 10 expert predictions from Dwell Magazine on the trends that will rule the new year and beyond.

1. Archways Everywhere

This trend is a natural here in Montecito, as you can see from the image above of the archways inside my Montecito Hacienda-Style Estate The architectural detail of arched doorways adds smooth clean lines without ornate detailing. Consider using arches on your windows, too.

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2. Built-Ins

Built-in seating adds character to any room, and 2020 will be filled with this type of fun architectural detail. Consider adding a window-side perch as a cozy reading niche or turning a wall into a sitting space. Montecito homeowners: Choose a place with a breathtaking view!

3. Cubed Furniture

Round is the right angle these days, especially when it comes to furniture. Leading interior designers say curvy upholstered pieces like sofas, divans, and occasional chairs will rule 2020 interior design trends. Think asymmetrical designs inspired by decor from the ’70s.

4. Organic Free-form Designs

Organic shapes are showing up everywhere these days: from blankets and bathmats to candles and pillows. Even today’s rugs feel more like abstract works than floor coverings.

5. Muted Green

Dusty green may not have been selected as the color of the year, but it’s turning up everywhere these days. From olive to pistachio, these muted tones work as a natural tone or as a way to add a pop of color.

6. Wood Paneling

Watch as wood paneling in skinny, slatted style applied in interesting angles takes over in the coming years. While no room is off-limits, experts are seeing wood paneling adding warmth in bathrooms and kitchens across the country.

7. Fiber Accents

Fiber art is nothing new. In fact, it has been showing up at fine art galleries and fairs for several years. But in 2020, be ready to add intricately woven tapestries, elaborately knitted macramé pieces and the like into your Montecito home. Choose from ready-to-buy to large scale commissions.

8. Statement Tiles

Experts are adding bold, patterned tile in unique ways in 2020. After the proliferation of subway tiles of the last decade, statement tile is now being used as a backsplash or even floor to ceiling.

9. Gardens Inside

Indoor plants and living walls became hugely popular in recent years. Interior designers are taking this idea to new heights with indoor gardens. These gardens allow residents to commune with nature without going outside.

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10. Natural, Woven Materials

If you like rattan furniture, seagrass pendant lighting, and jute rugs, then you will love the next evolution of this trend. Think detailing like cane-front kitchen cabinets or on furniture.


Now that you know a few of the standout 2020 interior design trends, get ready to follow some of the best decorating tips of all time:

  • Mount curtains high above your windows
    The closer to the ceiling, the grander the room will feel.
  • Hang art pieces right at eye level
    With their center 57 inches off the ground.
  • Style decorative objects in odd-numbered groupings. 
    Use the “rule of three,” people.
  • Layer your light sources
    Layers = warmth.
  • Always, always make your bed
    Nothing says “I don’t care about my home” quite like a duvet cover crumpled on the floor.
  • Think of produce as décor
    Fruits and veggies in a bowl make a gorgeous centerpiece in a pinch.
  • Clean your windows regularly
    It makes a world of difference, especially in Montecito with our amazing ocean and mountain views.
  • Edit your kitchen countertop decorkitchen of Montecito home for sale shows impeccable clean counters 
    Stunning kitchens feature a sparkling, clutter-free countertop like that pictured above of this Impeccably Renovated Miramar Beach House.

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  • Pendants should hover about 3 feet above surfaces
    That goes for islands, bars, and dining tables. 
  • Use real bowls for your dog bowls 
    So much classier. 

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  • Never place your bed in direct alignment with your door A big feng shui faux pas  
  • Fresh flowers
    Make sure the water is fresh and frequently freshened!
  • Color block your bookshelves
    For a look that is always on-trend.
  • Karate chop your pillows
    Add an easy luxe vibe to any room.
  • Place furniture 2 inches from your walls 
    “Float” your furnishings to make the room feel breezier.  
  • When in doubt, undecorate
    Less is so much more when it comes to tchotchkes.
  • Switch up coffee table decor often
    It’s the easiest way to make the living room feel fresh in every season.
  • Never splurge on trends
    Treat yourself to inexpensive décor pieces to stay fresh and modern. 
  • Only buy what you love
    If something doesn’t bring you joy, toss it. 

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  • Fill corners with plants
    They can literally improve your mood.
  • No TV in the bedroom
    Or at the very least, hide it.
  • The 2:2:1 pillow rule
    Add symmetry, not just pillows.
  • Leave an element (or two) undone 
    Always leave something mussed to make a space look warm and lived in

If you’re considering moving to, or within Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, please call me at +1 (805) 886-9378 or email me at I’ll happily add your listing to my portfolio of fine homes in the area and find your new dream home where you can decorate using 2020 interior design trends while following the expert decorating tips outlined above.


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