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10 Tips for a Stress-free Move with Your Dog


There are some simple steps every pet lover can take to ensure a stress free move with your dog. It’s common knowledge that dogs are creatures of habit and few things mess up a routine like moving. Here are 10 things you can do to put your dog at ease and limit the stress on both of you.
1)      Maintain a normal routine while packing.
2)      Before the big move, get your dog crate or carrier ready (especially important if your dog is not used to traveling in a crate). Create a positive association with the crate by giving your pet treats or toys every time he goes in.
3)      For moves that require long drives, get your dog ready by taking him in the car, increasing the duration on each trip.
4)      If moving your dog by plane, consider hiring a pet transport company that specializes in relocating precious canine cargo.
5)      Give your dog treats if he is around while you’re packing to alleviate some of the anxiety the boxes and disorder may cause.
< 6)      On moving day, keep your dog in a secure location while loading the moving truck, whether you or hired professionals are doing it. 7)      Try and keep your dog somewhere out of sight of the commotion -- with treats, food, water and toys to keep him occupied. 8)      Bring your dog's leash, food, treats, water bowl, toys and favorite blanket with you to keep your pet comfortable. 9)      When driving, stop for potty breaks along the way and never leave your dog alone in the vehicle. 10)       For the first few months in your new home, make sure you keep an eye on him, even when he's playing in your backyard. A dog who hasn't adjusted to a new location may try to find his way back to his old stomping grounds. Looking for a place to call home for you and your pet? Check out the listings on my website and give me a call at 805-886-9378. I am more than happy to help you find your dream home for you and your pet!

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