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Sep 202016

15 Stellar Renovation and Design Apps

If you are embarking on home renovation and design projects, don't start until you check out this list of stellar apps created specifically to assist you with every part of the process. The editors at have rounded up 15 standouts for desig...

Aug 302016

Home Renovations: Top 7 That Will Pay You Back

Think Outdoor Space Home renovations can significantly raise a home's value, which can mean more money when it comes time to sell. Here are the 7 best fix-ups, both big and small, that will pay you back: 1) Front Door We've all heard about the imp...

Jun 302016

What to Get Your Husband for His Birthday: A Man Cave!

Skip the greeting card this year and give your husband what he really wants for his birthday: a man cave. Not to be confused by the She Shed, these special rooms, just for men, have become so popular there's even a website devoted exclusively to them...

Feb 22016

Bye Bye Open Kitchen: Closed Kitchens Make a Comeback

Open kitchen design vs closed, you decide For years the open kitchen has been touted as the best kind; something every house should have, but today, closed kitchens are making a comeback. This is just another example of how everything comes full ci...

Jan 182016

2016 Trend: A Luxury At-Home Spa

If you are like me with fitness and health topping your list in 2016, then you won't want to miss this blog regarding building your own luxury at-home spa. Whether you're looking to hydrate, treat or just chill out, check out these 7 steps to bri...

Nov 102015

Creating the cat friendly home

In a recent blog, I shared intel on how developers are courting pet loving home hunters. Being the dog lover that I am, the blog covered ideas for canines but did not include info on creating the cat friendly home. Today, I am going to rectify that s...

Oct 62015

She Sheds in Santa Barbara

By now we've all heard about the Man Cave but have you met the She Shed yet? A She Shed is a backyard haven for busy women seeking a quiet reprieve from the world. In Santa Barbara, there's a local home designer specializing in building quality She S...

Sep 12015

How to Choose a Front Door

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so how to choose a front door for your home is an extremely important consideration. After all, the front door is the most prominent feature of a house. Enhancing your entry door can boost your curb...

Aug 262015

Consumer Trends: Reuse, Remake and Refrain

We've all heard by now about the consumer trends to reuse, remake and refrain where companies try to extend the usefulness of a product, rather than merely shrink its environmental footprint. Retailers are selling goods and products reworked from dis...

Aug 62015

Spectacular swimming pools around the world

I just took a refreshing tour of spectacular swimming pools from Sydney to Moscow in the latest issue of Houzz. These 15 swimming pools with dream views are amazing, with breathtaking views, inspiring design, and gorgeous landscapes. Here are two of ...

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